My Response Is On My Own Website: Best Quality Backlink Strategy

The excellent method of making quality backlinks is, “My response is on my own website.” Most bloggers use this method in event blogging.

Hi, I'm Mani Badhel, an author on NoobSpot, and In Today's post, I will teach you all about the Strategy of “My Response is on my own website.” So, I'll reveal the whole trick about making quality backlinks in a small period.

The Amazing benefit of making these backlinks is No Waiting for the Moderation of Backlinks.

What Is ‘My Response Is On My Own Website' beneficial?

In short, ‘My Response is on my own website‘ is a group of websites/blogs, which allow creating Free Dofollow backlink from their website/blog, just by putting some information about the content.

This is the easiest and quickest way of making quality backlinks in a short time. Moreover, there is no external fee for making good backlinks.

These backlinks are very beneficial for event bloggers because they have to collect a lot of quality backlinks in a short time. And according to a survey, 85% of bloggers use this method for making backlinks.

As everyone knows, backlinks are the backbone of SEO(Search Engine Optimization). And if your site/blog has a good or quality backlink from High DA Pa sites, there will be a 95% chance of getting the first rank in searches.

Why “My Response is on my own website” is beneficial?

As I said in the last paragraphs, “my response is on my own website” is very useful, beneficial as well as most straightforward:

  1. It gives Quality Backlinks to your site in a short period.
  2. These sites/blogs give the backlinks index very fast in search engines as compared to ordinary do follow backlinks.
  3. Bring a massive amount of referral traffic to your site.
  4. These backlinks come from Hi Da Pa sites, which will increase your site domain and page authority,
  5. Even you get nofollow backlink, but it has more benefits than an ordinary dofollow backlink.

Steps to get backlink form this Strategy 

To make this article readable and easily understandable, I had to use simple sentences and also have used HD photographs. So, let's begin:

Step 1: Seach Over Google 

Just Open the Google.Com (avoid using a specific location for a search like a or etcetera.)

And search “My response is on my own website” then you will get a massive number of the article in search.

But if you want to target a specific niche, then I recommend going with particular keyword search like

“my response is on my own website news”

“my response is on my own website tech”

“my response is on my own website blogging”

“my response is on my own website SEO”

“my response is on my own website digital marketing”

“my response is on my own website pictures” etcetera.

You can search according to your demand for the category.

Step 2: Search For High DA PA Sites

If you are keenly interested in gathering information about different sites, then use the two useful chrome extensions, which will help you are to get in touch with every report of a place like DA PA, spam score, etcetera.

Following list there are minimum stats for a site should be:

  • Domain Authority(DA):30+ [Min: 15]
  • Page authority(PA):20+ [Min: 10]
  • Worldwide rank: 3,00,000
  • Region Rank: 80,000
  • Backlinks: 20,000

The website/blog, which you are going to make a backlink for your site, should match the minimum requirements of above-given stats.

Step 3: Less Spammy Backlinks

Make sure, when you are going to make a backlink from a site, be sure to check once about the spam score of the website (You can check this with the help of Moz extension), the spam score should be Zero or 1%.

As a result, if you make backlink from high spam score sites, this may lead to an increase in your own site spam score due to the inter-linking of spammy backlinks.

Step 4: Required Fields To Submit Backlinks

So, before submitting a backlink to “My Response is on my own website,” you have to prepare some stuff like title, URL, author name, expert, etcetera.

  • Title of the Article
  • URL of the article
  • Excerpt of Article
  • Name of the Main Site
  • URL of Main Site
  • Author Name
My Response Is On My Own Website: Best Quality Backlink Strategy

In my case, I have given a different screenshot. Just for example: how the accurately filling form looks like for backlink submission.

Make sure; the filled information should be correct. Otherwise, if you will put the wrong information, that leads to a broken backlink in the future.

“Verified” My Response is on own website List

Download .txt File of Url List

Updated: 11-11-2019


I had tried my best to write this whole detailed article, if you find any problem in this article, please inform me and help in correction:-

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