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What is a Meta Tag?

In Short, a simple Html based definition, placed between header tags. which allows the search engine to gather main information about a blog. Example: a blog title, description, main keywords etcetera, all are defined in meta tags.

After designing a good blog appearance blogger, there is essential to do SEO for organic traffic, and many bogger face blogger during meta tag configurations. So, I make this work easy by this advance Meta Tag Generator Tool For Blogger. This tool is free of cost, and you can make unlimited free meta tags for great blogs without any restriction

​In the following queries, I'll describe the parts of meta tags

Meta Title

The meta title describes the name of a website/blog. But in blogger, including this tag is not essential because, in blogger, there is already a meta definition only about the main title. Otherwise, you can include it, and it doesn't affect SEO.

Meta Description

​​A piece of information that describes your blog in 150 words, this should be relevant that match with your blog niche.

Meta Author

Name of Writer, designer, developer, owner anything else, you want to represent. Example: My Name is “Mani Badhel” as an owner of this blog.

Meta Distribution

That's defined the access of your content in other regions, if you choose global, then your content will show over the whole world. On another hand local, show your content locally.

Meta Robots

This option defines the access of robot to your blog, you can set it at All.

How to Add Meta Tags  in Blogger

meta tag generator for blogger

Meta Tag Generator For Blogger: NoobSpot.Com

Make your meta tags form our page, copy them below the <head> tag and save it.

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