Meta Tag Generator For Blogger

Advanced Meta Tag Generator Tool For Blogger. As we know meta tag also plays an important role in SEO. And Meta Tag Generator tool is best for it.

Meta Tag Generator for Blogger

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What is a Meta Tag?

In Short, a simple Html based definition, placed between header tags. which allows the search engine to gather main information about a blog. Example: a blog title, description, main keywords etcetera, all are defined in meta tags.

How to Use?

In our Meta Tag Generator tool, there are many options. we will describe briefly about every option.

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Title: The main name of your blog or domain name with a tagline. Example: “NoobSpot.Com – Perfect Blogging Guide”.

Author: Name of Writer, designer, developer, owner anything else, you want to represent. Example: My Name is “Mani Badhel” as an owner of this blog.

Description: The main paragraph of your blog, that describes your blog niche. Example: Noobspot is the best online blog to learn about blogging, here we include SEO training, Website analysis, HTML & PHP, tips & hack and many more.

Distribution: That's defined the access of your content in other regions, if you choose global, then your content will show over the whole world. On another hand local, show your content locally.

Robots: This option defines the access of robot to your blog, you can set it at All.

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