How to check if website is ban to use of Google Adsense

Most of the important thing is to check the ban status of a blog or website, nowadays, most of the developers and blog admin use Google Adsense to for earning form a blog.

But google implement a review section, in this section website or blog have to pass a reviews test by Adsense employees, they check blog traffic, posts, recommend pages, website uptime to pass the test.

If the blog completes all test then you get approval easily, but some time blog will be rejected due to a fault in website or content.

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Restricted Content by Google Adsense

Mainly such type of content like, which is avoided by the ic, and Google not accepting these type of content due to Zero interested traffic.

These type of content generally are Adult Sexual Content like porn videos, photos, and stories or Crack Softwares, Mod Applications, Bad Products, copyrighted content etcetera.

Google not Approve them because most of the Google advertiser are genuine and want 100% safe traffic for their advertisement.

So, this is the reason why google not approving these type of websites.

How to Check Ban Status

There is a popular Website, which provides a free tool for checking your ban status, this website is 100% free and also recognized by many famous bloggers and developers.

There is a Live Example, how this tool is working:-

How to check if website is banned to use of Google Adsense
How to check if a website is banned to use of Google Adsense


In my case, my website is fully completed for Adsense approval without any disturbance of bad content.and this tool also shows is google indexing your website in their webmaster.

It is a multi-feature online tool for free of cost.

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