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As all of you know that at NoobSpot.Com, we gave information related to blogging, hosting and CMS. and today in this article, I introduce to free hosting checker tools.

What is Hosting?

Basically, hosting is the main part of a website. In short, this is a server where all of your website database is stored. An individual has to buy a particular hosting for a website, which is approximate of 100RS/M. Not only paid, but there are also many companies which are providing free hosting for a lifetime.

The benefit of Hosting checker tools

There are many reasons that hosting checker tools can help us. First and foremost is, whenever we visit a website, if its working and response are very fast. every developer goes for checking its hosting. At that time hosting checker are useful.

Best Free Hosting Checker tools

I spend a lot of time on the internet and came on the conclusion of the top 5 websites that are providing free hosting checking tool. And these are:

  • HostingChecker.Com
  • Who is hosting this
  • Dupli checker
  • Small SEO Tools
  • Web Hosting Hero

#1. Hostingchecker

Hosting Checker is a very powerful website that helps an individual to find hosting of a particular website, it works very fast and gives in the result in just seconds. has very nice UI with good maintenance of things. And also Google shows this website on top of searching for regard to hosting checker. Overview of this website is shown in the frame.

Live Example of

#2. Who is hosting this

Other one top website in the list of best hosting checker tools, Great interface and I am sure you love this website very much, the website works very fast and smooth. Moreover, this website is the best native to because of the feature of working in the similar.

#3. Dupli Checker is a website with multi-function tools like domain hosting checker, plagiarism checker, keyword research tool etcetera. All of these tools are working very fine and gave accurate results. And the main feature of domain hosting checking is very fast and responsive and gave perfect results.

#4. Small SEO tools is one of the most recommended SEO related tools website, which is coming with a lot of SEO related tools, that are very useful for a blogger or a web developer. The main tool of this website is domain hosting checker tools and the results of this tool are very accurate.

#5. Web Hosting Hero has really very awesome interface, it also comes with many tools, that is helpful in blogging, the main tools of this website are hosting checker tool, which works very fast and the result is also very accurate.


These websites are stated, are very useful for new bloggers to identify hosting of any particular website for free, these free hosting checker tools are 100% genuine.

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