How to Earn From Freelancing: Complete Guide for Beginners

Nowadays, everyone who has some skills in blogging, want to be a successful blogger, freelancer, and entrepreneur. the current time in fast-growing life everyone wants to earn from their skills.

Hi, I'm Mani, a young freelancer from Punjab, going to tell every bit of freelancing, and how to earn from it. So, Let's start…

What is Freelancing?

What is freelancing?

In short, freelancing is a virtual online shop, where a person providing services to people at reasonable prices. Just for example, if im finding a professional for developing my business website, then I can hire anyone, online and ask him/her for my work and can bargain prices.

If you have some language skills like website/blog developer, content writer, graphic designer, then you can go online and find a person on social media or freelancing apps who need your's help.

Some Skills to be a Freelancer

Become a freelancer and make an account online sites, is not enough. To be good freelancer, who able to understand problems and find a solution, a person required some skills. Just for now, I'm good at WordPress and content writing, then I can go online and find my clients in apps and websites.

But if you have some skills, this would be anything, like Html, Php, C++ designer, Application developer, WordPress expert, backlink maker, content writer, graphic designer, intro designer, photoshop editor etcetera. Then find your category and post an application related to your services.

Some Platform for Starting Freelancing:)

On the internet, there are a lot of websites that enable you to do earn from freelancing, apps that are proving freelancing Opportunites to people. Just go there are create your account, submit your skills, local languages, certificate details, and submit an application(which service you are providing.)


More Over you can search on google and find more services:


Join social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, telegram etcetera. create your professional profile and mention your skills in bio. Also, join groups(Which are related to freelancing). the main thing, keep your self active most of the time, that people can find you easily and ask for work.

Also keep in touch with facebook groups to earn from freelancing, where a lot of people publish a post about their problem regarding websites, graphics, it would be anything. and in the answer, you can reply to them and ask for work.


  • Facebook Pages.
  • Quora Question.
  • Telegram Channels.
  • WhatsApp Groups.


In last, In my perspective, freelancing is a good idea to earn money from your skills. If you can not afford a shop in the market for publishing your skills, then online freelancing is the best idea for making money online at home.

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