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Google reCaptcha: Secure your blog from bots


Getting fake visitors in large amount to a website can be harmful. Also, increase hosting usage as well as hosting expenses. So, Google ReCaptcha is the best solution to reduce fake/bot entries.

Let's Start

How Recaptcha Works?

Nowadays, developers are facing a lot of problems that are related to hacker or scammers. Basically, to slow down a website/blog.

Hacker sends a lot of fake/bot traffic, that increase your hosting CPU usage and your site gonna down. And Google Recaptcha helps to protect from such worst traffic/visitors. It is a script, that is implemented to a site.

And when some un behavior activity is detected, Recaptcha starts working and show task to complete, which can be done only by human intelligence. Example:

Example of Recaptcha

Type of Google Recaptcha's

Hi, I'm Mani. To implement Google Recaptcha is very easier than another thing. Basically, Google Recaptcha comes in three different versions, that are:

V1 – Used in Comment Boxes Or Forms.

V2 – Hidden Script to protect silently(Invisible).

V3 – Open Protection with Recaptcha logo(Visible).

How to Install?

Implementing Google Recaptcha is very simple, follow some of my steps and you can easily learn how to install Recaptcha.

  1. Visit: https://www.google.com/recaptcha/intro/v3.html
  2. Log in with your Google Account.
  3. Browse Admin Console Menu
  4. Read Explanation of Versions, which are Given Below, before start working.
  5. Label Section – Enter Random Name of Project.
  6. reCAPTCHA type Section – Choose Version of Application.
  7. Domains – Enter the URL of the site.
  8. Accepts the condition and terms.

Installation in WordPress Site

To implement Google Recaptcha on WordPress site, use a free plugin names Advanced noCaptcha & invisible Captcha

Recaptcha Plugin for WordPress

This is a free plugin and works with both Version 1 and 2

But if you want to use Google Recaptcha only on the comment section, then don't use this plugin.

Installation in Blogger Site

As we all know, the blogger is sub-part of Google. And the main thing is that Google has already implemented Recaptcha with its all products. so on google blogger. It is already implemented.

Explanation V1

Generally, use in Comment Boxes or Forums to avoid bots. Because a website can also down by entering lots of fake comments and forum submissions.

Fake entries full your database entries and increase the load on a page, that's result in crashing.

Example of V1 Recaptcha

Comment Section: To install in the Comment section of the website, there are a lot of WordPress plugins, One of them is reCAPTCHA in WP comments form

Form Section: If you are installing form like Contact us page

Explanation V2

Recaptcha version 2 is quite different from version 1. Because V2 used as an additional script on a webpage, which is invisible to the visitor.

but when system detects bot visitors, it automatically starts showing captcha, that will be filled by visitors, if they are real.

Explanation V3

An advance application, a native of Version 2, but visible to all and show a block in the right side of the webpage. Shows a warning sign to the hacker and also do its main work, that is blocking bots.


Using, version 1 and 2 is more effective, rather than using only V1. Because its protect whole site and very effective.

Don't worry, in the future ill update this post with the latest upgrades.

Thanks For Visiting. Team NoobSpot.Com

All in One – 10+Wishing Scripts for Blogger


Creating wishing websites and earn money by event blogging, not a bad idea. So, in this article, I will represent the 10+(All in One) wishing script for blogger with downloads.

What is Event Blogging(Wishing Sites)?

In Short, Event bogging also known as wishing script sites. Basically, it is an HTML and CSS based code. And upload over a server, then redirects to a domain. In result, whenever you visit wishing site, a slide show of coding shows on the screen, in the type of wishing something.

How to Earn Money From Event Blogging?

Simply, it was very simple in the past. Adsense easily approves such sites and show ads of high CPC. but after some change in rules and regulation, Adsense stops giving approval wishing script for blogger. But don't worry, there are other alternatives that can show ads on your wishing site and you can earn money easily, these are: Google Adsense Alternative

How to Install on Blogger

1st Step: Go to Blogger and click on Theme.

Step 1 - Wishing Script for Blogger
image No.1

2nd Step: Scroll down and first click on Revert to classic, then a new drop-down is open, then click on revert to the classic theme. As shown in image 2.

Step 2 - Wishing Script for Blogger
Image No. 2

3rd Step: Now, open the main .txt file and copy all the code. After copy come to blogger and after pressing revert to classic theme a new text-area will open. Delete all first one and paste the copied .txt file code in the text area. As shown in image 3.

Step 3 - Wishing Script for Blogger
Image No. 3

4th Step: Save the theme and visit your blog and wishing script will be installed successfully.

All in One Package Of Scripts:

Notice: This collection of all scripts are gathered from different resources, that are blogs, websites, and open-source media etcetera. Before taking actions, please contact at [email protected]

:- Based on HTML and CSS language and designed only for Blogger CMS.

:- Read all instruction given in “Downloaded Folder” before uploading on Blogger.

:- Option of DEMO is Provided with the folder.

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Independence Day Script

Republic Day Script

Happy Holi Script

Happy Raksha Bandhan Script

Happy Diwali Script

Happy Dusshera Script

Ramadan Day Script

Happy Birthday Script

Happy New Year Script

Happy Valentine's Day Script

Happy Navratri Day Script

And don't worry about updates. Definitely, in future, I will update this list.

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These Files are 100% Malware Free, Virus Checked by AVAST Security.

Thanks For Visiting, NoobSpot.Com. If you face any problem regarding this article. you can contact us at [email protected]

Best AMP Blogger Templates To Optimize Your Blog Speed


It is Definitely sure if you are using AMP Blogger Templates, then your blog becomes optimize and load fastly.

In this article, I'll introduce to 7+ AMP Blogger Templates for your Google Blogger, these templates are 100% free and also provide good looks to your blog.

Let's Start!

What Are AMP Templates?

In short, AMP stands for Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages. The templates which are lightweight in size & all the stylesheets & javascript have compressed that type of templates called AMP templates.

To begin with, there I'll provide a list of 7+ AMP Blogger Templates, that I grab from many other blogs. So, Let's Go:-


Magone is one of the most popular blogger template, which is preferred by every professional blogger. The important thing about this theme, it is very lightweight and Supports Google AMP.


  • Drag and Drop Widget Builder
  • Flexible Menu Navigation
  • Responsive
  • Multiple Comment Systems
  • Post Pagination
  • Template Designer
  • Multilingual Ready


Maknyus is Another one AMP ready template, which works very smoothly, you can customize your theme as you want. Also, there is an option of adding responsive as, that why everyone recommends this theme.


  • Custom Logo
  • Adsense Ready
  • Large Slider
  • Share Option
  • Search Bar
  • AMP Preloader


A good option for those, who are working on a micro-niche, SEO friendly and Fully responsive on mobile and on desktop. The main thing about this template is lightweight loading of posts that make it faster than any other template.


  • Post-Parallax
  • SEO Friendly
  • Adsense Ready
  • Menu Navigation
  • Responsive UI
  • Lightweight Processing

Infinite JLB

As shown in name, infinite that means infinity specification and features. Comes with SEO friendly user interface, AMP-based preloading, and mobile responsiveness. that some feature makes its AMP ready template.


  • Adsense Ready
  • AMP Based Coding
  • Responsive
  • Menu Navigation
  • Custom Logo
  • Mega Menu


Vletters, an AMP blogger templates, which have a very good user interface and comes with a custom share bar, that why this template comes in the top list of AMP ready templates.


  • Search Box
  • Shortcodes
  • Adsense Ready
  • AMP-based structure
  • Valid Schema.org
  • Menu Navigation


As clearly described from its name, SEO AMP blogger theme is a responsive theme comes with SEO friendly interface. Provide a minimal look to the visitor, and that why it comes in the top AMP blogger templates.


  • AMP Based
  • Responsive
  • Seo Friendly
  • Perfect for Micro Niche
  • Menu Navigation
  • Comment Disqus
  • Social Share Buttons


Kompi is another one most famous AMP ready template for blogger, Comes with lots of features. SEO friendly user interface and fully responsive in mobile themes.


  • AMP Ready
  • Adsense Ready
  • Minimal looks
  • Responsive
  • Compressed stylesheets
  • Search Bar
  • Home Pagination


These all website are 100% Secure to Download and for install on google blogger. Definitely, it makes your blog very fast.

In the future, I'll update this post time to time with new themes.

Thanks For Visiting, Team NoobSpot.Com | if you are facing any type of problem you can contact us or visit need-help page.

Blog Commenting – The Advance Guide For Creating Backlinks


Making Backlinks through blog commenting is the main focus of every blogger to rank first on Google search engine, but people are following the wrong blog commenting methods, that's why they not able to create proper backlinks. So, follow my instruction to be successful blog commenter.

Let's Start!

What is Blog Commenting?

In Short, blog commenting means by putting comments on websites, when a person visits a website/blog. After reading the whole content if a visitor likes your content/post. Definitely, they put a comment on your blog that's called the blog commenting.

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Role of Comments – Making Backlinks

Every noob blogger, have a choice to make backlinks, which is commenting on blogs. When a blogger put comments on a blog/website, in last they put a URL which redirects to a website. By this source, we can get good backlinks. and here is an example:-

As everyone can see, it is a comment, which is added on my website. In first 2-3 lines, he gave some attractive words and at last, and puts a URL which is redirecting to another website. that Blue colored link called backlink. which is on our website, but refer to another website.

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How to Approve Comments Properly:)

Approximately on every website, there is a spam comment blocker, which blocks the spam comments. In Short, those gave a fake email, name and 2-3 lines of sentences and their main URL for backlink are discarded by spam filters.

To stop this prediction of the spam filter, follow my instructions:-

  1. Attractive Name (Raman Chaturvedi).
  2. Proper Email (choose an active email).
  3. 4-5 Lines of Sentences (Only Active Sentence).
  4. At Last or in middle includes a targeted URL in Embed State(In Html Language).
  5. Leaves Empty the option of website URL (Recommended).

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Proper Method of Writing Comments

So, in this section, I will describe my personal method of putting a comment on a blog/website.

  1. Finding High DA PA Rated Blog/Website.
  2. Check their Spam Score(Should be Less (1% is Normal).
  3. Make Registration if Required for Comments.

Now, Copy my Method of Writing Comment:-

I read your article and really gave me a perfect idea. The content if your is very <a href=”https://example.com/example-permalink/”>interesting.</a> I'm sure your article helps me a lot with my project.

List of Commenting Website (Instant Approval)

15. http://k.plasticstoday.com/article/k-2013-engel-puts-plastic-pedal-metal#comment-21256
16. https://theperiodstore.com/#comments
17. http://blog.livedoor.jp/humanity6/archives/51868347.html
18. http://www.speedwayfreeads.com/
19. http://blog.goo.ne.jp/ambiguousworld/e/a0bc1c6a7b6413908bfbc1f51fa817c7?st=0#comment-form
20. https://chorus.fm
21. http://www.denveroutlaws.com/error-404#_comments
22. http://www.dziennik.com/blog/artykul/jaki-z-nami-leci-pilot
23. http://ressources.pluxml.org/demo/011/index.php?article1/premier-article#c1452277119-1
24. http://miniaplikace.blueboard.cz/kniha/12485
25. http://www.theohiomachine.com/error-404#_comments

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Thanks For Visiting, Team NoobSpot.Com.

Dofollow Backlinks: The Ultimate Guide To Create Backlinks

SEO is part of a particular blog. And Dofollow backlinks play an important role, if you want to create dofollow backlinks, then you will definitely love this article.

Backlinks are the foundation of a blog/website, which shows the search engine that this blog/website has unique & trustable content. Because gathering backlinks from high pr blogs, affects the SEO performance among searches.

So, in followings paragraphs, I will discuss my views among dofollow backlinks and give the instruction of building dofollow backlinks.

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What is Backlinks?

Whenever a writer publishes a blog post. The search engines rank the post according to their links with other websites. The blogs which have high DA and PA ratings and you get a backlink from them. It is 100% sure you get your post rank on the first page.

Types of Backlinks?

There are two main types, Dofollow or Nofollow backlinks. In both, dofollow backlinks have high values. The former type of backlinks is direct links with the high preference of link publisher. While Nofollow backlinks have zero values.

Example of Dofollow or Nofollow backlinks

If you are reading this article, definitely you know about basic coding and know how to check to inspect elements in the browser.

Dofollow Links: Those Backlinks which are in:-

<a href=”https://noobspot.com/” rel=”dofollow”>Example</a>
<a href=”https://noobspot.com/”>Example</a>

Nofollow Links: Those Backlinks which are in:-

<a href=”https://noobspot.com/” rel=”nofollow”>Example</a>
<a href=”https://noobspot.com/” rel=”external nofollow”>Example</a>

Ultimate Guide to Create Dofollow Backlinks

In, following article, I'll describe my personal methods of creating high pr dofollow backlinks:

Guest Post

One of the effective method of creating high pr dofollow backlinks these days. Basically, it is a gift from one writer to another content writer, Think that you are beginner writer and post your blog post and gift to another blogger, and in a back gift, you get a backlink/backlinks(depend on privacy policies) from his/her website for free by giving a blog post.

You can also put your post on our Blog: Guest Post

List Of Famous Blogs Which Accepts Guest Posts

Sr No.Websites/Blogs
1. http://www.pinterest.com/
2. http://slashdot.org/
3. http://www.reddit.com/
4. https://delicious.com/
5. http://www.stumbleupon.com/
6. http://newsle.com/
7. http://www.newsvine.com/
8. http://registertovotetoday.com
9. http://softsblog.com/
10. http://www.iesa.co
11. http://www.whatisyourmoo.com/
12. http://www.bizsugar.com
13. http://fwisp.com/
14. http://youmob.com/
15. http://www.blokube.com/
16. http://www.bookmark4you.com/
17. http://37warrenave.com/
18. http://aixindashi.org
20. http://www.activaging.org/
21. http://anndas.com/
22. http://freeticketopen.com/
23. http://aperfectimage.info/
24. http://bestouyagames.info/
25. http://bynu.info/
26. http://jayrigby.info
27. http://jazbomb.info
28. http://chrisfolk.info/
29. http://cocosislandsnews.info
30. http://colegioclaret.org/
31. http://desert-dwellers.info/
32. http://deathlyyours.com
33. http://cyberplea.com/
34. http://anndas.com/
35. http://a2zbookmarks.com
36. http://www.postolia.com/
37. http://spider-robot.com/
38. http://eshoptong.com/
39. http://diggpedia.com/
40. http://openfaves.com
41. http://manchfu.com/
42. http://articleto.com/
43. http://pictureguycabo.info/
44. http://www.sociopost.com/
45. http://3-peace.info/
46. http://coloradospringsroofing.info/
47. http://global-networkers.info/
48. http://justshaunna.info/
49. http://noldu.net/
50. http://justshaunna.info/

Social Bookmarking Sites

Nowadays, there are many options of social media, not only for entertainment or time purpose but also for creating powerful backlinks. These websites are highly ranked by many search engines like google, bing etcetera.


You can visit these sites, and make your accounts, edit your bio and also put your Website URL if there will an option.

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Blog Commenting

Adding comments on popular blogs, also be an attractive idea. Follow my instruction for commenting on a blog.

Firstly, search for your main keyword on google. Pick top 3 sites expects Ads, open them and put a comment if there will an option.

You Should type a comment in a different language, I mean it should be in English, but of 2-3 lines. eg:-

I read your article, and content of your blog/website is really very interesting. Also gave me new ideas for my preparation.

And at the end of the comment, you can put your post URL, can be in Html code.

Forum Commenting

The other alternative of blog commenting is forum commenting. The popular communities or authorities built their website for answerings problems and solutions. And any third party user can ask or answer any question.

And this method help in building backlinks, Search a topic regarding similar to your post, and gave your answer/reply in some lines, and at last gave your post URL and title as read more.

List of Forum Websites


Broken Link Building

When you get a backlink from a website/blog, If due to server errors, sometimes backlinks can be broken, and that backlink refers to 404 error page.

That can increase your spam score. To solve this problem contact through email with website/blog publisher. And ask him/her to remove your broken backlink or replace with newer one.

Sometimes, people buy expired domains and starts doing work on it. But search engines show the older backlinks related to older posts that redirect to 404 error page. At that time you should solve the matter for proper SEO.


These methods are very useful for proper backlink building. Works according to my instruction and gave preferable time for doing his work.

And I'm sure in future, Iill updates this post for teaching new methods.

And remember that never give up!

Free Hosting Checker tools | Check Hosting of any website


As all of you know that at NoobSpot.Com, we gave information related to blogging, hosting and CMS. and today in this article, I introduce to free hosting checker tools.

What is Hosting?

Basically, hosting is the main part of a website. In short, this is a server where all of your website database is stored. An individual has to buy a particular hosting for a website, which is approximate of 100RS/M. Not only paid, but there are also many companies which are providing free hosting for a lifetime.

The benefit of Hosting checker tools

There are many reasons that hosting checker tools can help us. First and foremost is, whenever we visit a website, if its working and response are very fast. every developer goes for checking its hosting. At that time hosting checker are useful.

Best Free Hosting Checker tools

I spend a lot of time on the internet and came on the conclusion of the top 5 websites that are providing free hosting checking tool. And these are:

  • HostingChecker.Com
  • Who is hosting this
  • Dupli checker
  • Small SEO Tools
  • Web Hosting Hero

#1. Hostingchecker

Hosting Checker is a very powerful website that helps an individual to find hosting of a particular website, it works very fast and gives in the result in just seconds. Hostingchecker.com has very nice UI with good maintenance of things. And also Google shows this website on top of searching for regard to hosting checker. Overview of this website is shown in the frame.

Live Example of HostingChecker.com

#2. Who is hosting this

Other one top website in the list of best hosting checker tools, Great interface and I am sure you love this website very much, the website works very fast and smooth. Moreover, this website is the best native to hostingchecker.com because of the feature of working in the similar.

#3. Dupli Checker

Duplichecker.com is a website with multi-function tools like domain hosting checker, plagiarism checker, keyword research tool etcetera. All of these tools are working very fine and gave accurate results. And the main feature of domain hosting checking is very fast and responsive and gave perfect results.

#4. Small SEO tools

Smallseotools.com is one of the most recommended SEO related tools website, which is coming with a lot of SEO related tools, that are very useful for a blogger or a web developer. The main tool of this website is domain hosting checker tools and the results of this tool are very accurate.

#5. Web Hosting Hero

Webhostinghero.com has really very awesome interface, it also comes with many tools, that is helpful in blogging, the main tools of this website are hosting checker tool, which works very fast and the result is also very accurate.


These websites are stated, are very useful for new bloggers to identify hosting of any particular website for free, these free hosting checker tools are 100% genuine.

Thanks for visiting, for queries contact us at [email protected] or go to need help menu.

How to remove disable right click javascript from a website


Hi, in this article I will show you some tricks about, how to bypass Disable right-click javascript. there are some browser plugins and a website which allow copying text from any website, so let's grab it.

Nowadays, many web developer includes right-click javascript to avoid visitors to copy their content, but some time in articles there is important information that visitors want to copy but the script doesn't allow them to copy. So, at that time we can use many tools like browser plugins and website tools. That I reveal in the upcoming paragraph.

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According to topic research and after crawling various website we found three natives of tools that are:

Browser Plugins


To Bypass disable right click javascript, here is chrome extension names Simple Allow Copy.

Simple Allow Copy "Content of NoobSpot"
Simple Allow Copy “Content of NoobSpot”

  • For Google Chrome users, you need to install Simple Allow Copy addon, here is the link.
  • Later Click on Add to Chrome button for install on chrome browser.


To Bypass disable right click javascript, here are firefox extension name Absolute Enable Right Click & Copy.

Absolute Enable Right Click & Copy “Content by noobspot”

  • For Firefox users, you need to install Absolute Enable Right Click & Copy addon. Here is the link.
  • Later Click on Add to Firefox button for install on firefox browser.


To Bypass Disable right click javascript, here is firefox extension names Simple Allow Copy.

As we know “Opera” is using absolute native software of chrome browser and allow the chrome function is included to it, So as chrome install extensions, opera does as well.

Website Tools

There is a popular website name Allow copy, which redirects to allowcopy.com, very simple layout, and simple UI, it is easy to use and can easily remove Disable right click javascript

Allow copy "Content of NoobSpot"
Allow copy “Content of NoobSpot”

  • First of all go to this site: allowcopy.com
  • At the page add targeted URL in textarea and submit it.
  • This will redirect to a new tab which would remove right click javascript.

Thanks for visiting, for any inquiry related to advertisement and information contact us at [email protected]

How to check if website is ban to use of Google Adsense


Most of the important thing is to check the ban status of a blog or website, nowadays, most of the developers and blog admin use Google Adsense to for earning form a blog.

But google implement a review section, in this section website or blog have to pass a reviews test by Adsense employees, they check blog traffic, posts, recommend pages, website uptime to pass the test.

If the blog completes all test then you get approval easily, but some time blog will be rejected due to a fault in website or content.

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Restricted Content by Google Adsense

Mainly such type of content like, which is avoided by the ic, and Google not accepting these type of content due to Zero interested traffic.

These type of content generally are Adult Sexual Content like porn videos, photos, and stories or Crack Softwares, Mod Applications, Bad Products, copyrighted content etcetera.

Google not Approve them because most of the Google advertiser are genuine and want 100% safe traffic for their advertisement.

So, this is the reason why google not approving these type of websites.

How to Check Ban Status

There is a popular Website, which provides a free tool for checking your ban status, this website is 100% free and also recognized by many famous bloggers and developers.

There is a Live Example, how this tool is working:-

How to check if website is banned to use of Google Adsense
How to check if a website is banned to use of Google Adsense

Visit BannedCheck.com

In my case, my website is fully completed for Adsense approval without any disturbance of bad content.and this tool also shows is google indexing your website in their webmaster.

It is a multi-feature online tool for free of cost.

Thanks for visiting, If you want to Ask a Question click here

Best CDN Providers to Boost up WordPress Speed – 2019


Best CDN Providers: CDN Providers is a Heaven for any blogger, nowadays most of the websites use CDN(Content Delivery Network). CDN provides a boost up to a website, its help when if your website visited from other regions, foreign visitors may slow the performance of the Website.

So Content Delivery Network provides a separate server from your own hosting. That makes different server locations to provide maximum performance of an individual website. Basically, a CDN server situated in every content or country in the whole world according to CDN Providers provides a foreign user his own country based server which hosts your website.

For a Website or Blog which hosted on a single server, difficult to respond in whole world visitors, so use CDN which provides the nearest server to respond to a visitor for better performance.

What is CDN

CDN stands for “Content Delivery Network”, which is server situated in the whole world in the type of data centers and provides hassle-free respond to users, After implementation of CDN your website host on many data centers that provide better responses to the user according to regions.

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Best CDN Providers to Speed up WordPress Performance


Best Features:

  • Faster speed.
  • Crash Resistance.
  • Improved User Experience.
  • Paid Services


Best Features:

  • Detection.
  • Continuous Monitoring.
  • Incident Alerts.
  • Remote Scanning.
  • Server Side Scanner.
  • Paid Services.


Best Features:

  • Free SSL Certificate.
  • Load Optimization.
  • Free to use.
  • Website Speed.

4. KeyCDN

Main Features:

  • Fast HTTP/2 delivery.
  • Free SSL: Fully automated.
  • 100% SSD Low latency.
  • Instant Purging.

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Well, in my perspective, CloudFlare CDN is best if you’re looking for free service. But, for better service, I recommend the use of MaxCDN, so I recommend to use Cloudflare CDN.

Thanks for Visiting, Team NoobSpot.Com