Best Domains Extensions for Micro Niche in $2

Hi, there i will discuss the best domains extensions for Micro blogging, help you to increase in your earnings.

What is Micro Niche

Micro Niche is like Sub Website on a particular product and keywords, which all focus on keywords and ranked very easily. Eg. Like, make a website on Xiaomi mobile with a domain like ( which focus towards only Xiaomi mobiles none others.

Best Extensions For Your Micro Blog under $2

  1. .club (Popular)
  2. .host
  3. .icu
  4. .pw
  5. .site (Popular)
  6. .space
  7. .us
  8. .website (Popular)
  9. .xyz (Popular)
  10. .fun
  11. .info (Popular)
  12. .agency
  13. .pro (Popular)
  14. .world
  15. .services
  16. .rocks
  17. .press
  18. .online (Popular)
  19. .live (Popular)
  20. .life
  21. .today
  22. .actor
  23. .ooo (Popular)
  24. Many More

Which Extension is best

Basically all the 23 domain extensions are good, but according to Seo or Easily Adsense Approval, we have to choose best domain.

According to Seo Expectation i suggested .club or .xyz domains because it can easily fit with any domain, or easier to recognise.

These Domain can be purchased under $2 only, you can process these domain from any registrar that provide you best price, try to purchase in festival offers because in festival offer registrar provide best prices.

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