Best CDN Providers to Boost up WordPress Speed – 2019


Best CDN Providers: CDN Providers is a Heaven for any blogger, nowadays most of the websites use CDN(Content Delivery Network). CDN provides a boost up to a website, its help when if your website visited from other regions, foreign visitors may slow the performance of the Website.

So Content Delivery Network provides a separate server from your own hosting. That makes different server locations to provide maximum performance of an individual website. Basically, a CDN server situated in every content or country in the whole world according to CDN Providers provides a foreign user his own country based server which hosts your website.

For a Website or Blog which hosted on a single server, difficult to respond in whole world visitors, so use CDN which provides the nearest server to respond to a visitor for better performance.

What is CDN

CDN stands for “Content Delivery Network”, which is server situated in the whole world in the type of data centers and provides hassle-free respond to users, After implementation of CDN your website host on many data centers that provide better responses to the user according to regions.

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Best CDN Providers to Speed up WordPress Performance


Best Features:

  • Faster speed.
  • Crash Resistance.
  • Improved User Experience.
  • Paid Services


Best Features:

  • Detection.
  • Continuous Monitoring.
  • Incident Alerts.
  • Remote Scanning.
  • Server Side Scanner.
  • Paid Services.


Best Features:

  • Free SSL Certificate.
  • Load Optimization.
  • Free to use.
  • Website Speed.

4. KeyCDN

Main Features:

  • Fast HTTP/2 delivery.
  • Free SSL: Fully automated.
  • 100% SSD Low latency.
  • Instant Purging.

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Well, in my perspective, CloudFlare CDN is best if you’re looking for free service. But, for better service, I recommend the use of MaxCDN, so I recommend to use Cloudflare CDN.

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